Rain Forest


Wall decoration illustrating an abundant tropical forest with pink, yellow and blue tips. Available in made-to-measure. Add 5 cm to your measurements, on the height and length, these are the safety margins.

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58,33€ / m2
58,33€ / m2
79,17€ / sqm
Vinyl wallpaper


The Rain Forest wall decor is a beautiful, lush and dense tropical forest with exotic plants and tall trees. In the middle, a river flows quietly and invites you to think. Tips of yellow, pink and blue add colour to this blue engraving reworked by our Design Studio. On your wall, Rain Forest will give your interior a tropical and elegant atmosphere. Customizable panoramic decoration. Be sure to add 5 cm to your measurements on the height and width, these are the safety margins.

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Non-woven
Type Wall Decoration
Paste Non-woven wallpaper
Height 300
Width 250
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width 70