Dream Forest, Blue Vinyl


Non-woven wall decoration illustrating a forest of trees with dense foliage, here in blue tones. Also available in green and blue-grey. Add 5 cm to your measurements, on the height and length, these are the safety margins.

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79,17€ / m2
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79,17€ / m2
58,33€ / sqm
Non-woven wallpaper


Dream Forest represents a forest, and more particularly the top of the trees with dense foliage. In the middle of this bucolic and poetic forest, a bird seems to be flying towards a new destination. The shades of blue add a mysterious dimension to this beautiful forest. This wall decoration is also available in blue-grey and green. We advise you to add 5 cm to your width and height, these are the safety margins.

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Vinyl
Type Wall Decoration
Paste Quelyd vinyl
Height 300
Width 580
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width 65
Paper Matte, slightly grained 350 gr/M2

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