Rêve Chinois Vinyl


Wall decoration hand drawn and painted in watercolour by Vincent Darré representing Tonkinese vases arranged along flowering vines. We advise you to add safety margins of 5 cm on both sides for an uniform wallpapering.

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79,17€ / m2
79,17€ / m2
58,33€ / sqm
Non-woven wallpaper


The Rêve Chinois panoramic wallpaper was designed by Vincent Darré for the Artcurial exhibition "Il était une fois le Ritz" which took place in May 2018. Hand-drawn and painted in watercolour, this wall decoration represents purple Tonkinese vases arranged on green vines. From their base start pretty draped drapes that bring movement to the pattern. Purple, pink and blue flowers bloom along the vines where are presented in the vases. A soft wallpaper that will perfectly suit a bedroom.

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Vinyl
Type Bespoke panoramic wall mural
Paste Non-woven wallpaper
Height 300
Width 468
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width 65
Paper 350 gr/m2