Warm horizon


Custom-made panoramic wallpaper featuring irregular lines in beige and brown. We advise you to add 5cm to the height and width. If your dimensions exceed those shown on our website, please contact our customer service department for a quote: hello@dominotiers.com.

Colours may differ slightly between the image seen on your phone or computer and the final set.

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58,33€ / m2
58,33€ / m2
79,17€ / sqm
Vinyl wallpaper


The Warm horizon bespoke panoramic wallpaper has been created using natural pigment and spice-based dyes, applied in horizontal layers. 

The warm and earthy irregular lines have been worked to highlight their nuances and create a superb interplay of gradation and contrast. 

The Warm horizon panoramic wall mural takes us straight to the desert, or to the ochre soils found mainly on the African continent. 

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Non-woven
Type Bespoke panoramic wall mural
Paste Paste for non-woven wallpaper
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width 70
Paper Matt and velvety 195 gr/sqm