Bel Air


Bespoke grey panoramic wallpaper depicting birds on an old map. We advise you to add 5 cm to your height and width.

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58,33€ / m2
58,33€ / m2
79,17€ / sqm
Vinyl wallpaper


The bespoke panoramic wall mural Bel Air features a Dutch map dating from 1753 in the background, coloured in a rich beige. A compass, an insert or old annotations are superimposed on the geographical drawings adding old character to this document.

In the foreground, species of endemic birds have been hand-drawn and worked and then worked into engravings : the Mauritian Kestrel, the Big Green Cateau, better known as the Mauritius Parakeet, the Paille-en-Queue, and blackbirds. Like a frame, the tropical vegetation brings depth to the wallpaper : one of the birds seems to fly over the island.

We advise you to add 5 cm to your height and width, these are the security margins. If your dimensions exceed the initial measurements of the wall mural presented on our website, you can contact our customer service (  and our Design Studio will rework the wall mural to fit your dimensions. The lengths are 70 cm wide.

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Non-woven
Type Bespoke panoramic wall mural
Paste Paste for non-woven wallpaper
Height 300
Width 450
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width 70

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