Volume 7 : Faraway landscapes

21 bespoke panoramic wall murals take you on a journey to discover sublime faraway landscapes.
par Agathe Descamps, le 2021-01-06
Volume 7 : Faraway landscapes
Volume 7 : Faraway landscapes

With Volume 7, Les Dominotiers takes you on a journey to discover sublime faraway landscapes. A true tribute to French know-how, the cradle of panoramic wallpaper creation in the 18th and 19th centuries, this new collection offers 21 hand-drawn original creations by Les Dominotiers Design Studio and sees big, very big, with 5- to 7,5-metre wall murals to invite the most beautiful regions into contemporary interiors.

We wanted to create oversized and varied landscapes, with both traditional and contemporary imprints. We played with the codes of the 18th and 19th centuries to transpose them into the current world” explains Zoé Crait, Head of Les Dominotiers Design Studio.

Exoticism is at the “rendez-vous” with inspirations from Indonesia, Oceania, India and Amazonia with sumptuous lush panoramic wall murals where the different elements of nature, tropical vegetation, water, mountains and skies, come together to create perfect harmony. The arid heat of southern European countries comes in the form of Mediterranean-style wallpapers, where umbrella pines and cypresses reign. Japan, culture and land of endless inspiration in interior design, is also explored with a breathtaking landscape painted in watercolour and a bamboo forest drawn with Indian ink wash for a dreamlike and serene atmosphere.

"Vegetation is indeed quite present in this collection, especially XXL foliage which often comes to the fore and completely immerses us in the landscape". Zoé Crait

Multiple techniques for wall murals with different atmospheres

The techniques used to create the Volume 7 collection are multiple: pencil drawings, gouache and even watercolor paintings. Some wall murals are exquisitely made with extreme attention to details while others present the preparatory drawings of the wallpaper, which are thus offered in a more spontaneous and raw style. Finally, other wall murals reproduce the effect of traditional block printing, a technique used to make panoramic wallpapers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dominated by blue and green, colors of nature, the palette of Volume 7 is nonetheless richly varied. Sometimes muted and intense, sometimes light and more colorful, grisailles or sketches in black and white, the proposed colours open up an infinite field of possibilities for all styles of interior decoration. Some wall murals are also available with a patina, to give them even more material and depth and a more traditional spirit. Exotic and bewitching, the Volume 7 collection is a magnificent contemporary invitation to travel, and Les Dominotiers leaves the choice of the destination.

Hanalei Patina


Hanalei Black

Itaya Patina


Itaya Black


Timicuro Patina


Wild India


Fly Over

Sovana Concrete

Sovana Grisaille

Sovana Green

Lago di Garda Blue

Lago di Garda Green


Orta grisaille

Enchanted Lake


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