Our bespoke panoramic wallpapers now available in vinyl

Our new vinyl finish is stunning, with its matt finish and vibrant colours. Vinyl has many advantages, the best known being its resistance to stains. We'll explain why.
par Agathe Descamps, le 2023-10-11
Our bespoke panoramic wallpapers now available in vinyl
Our bespoke panoramic wallpapers now available in vinyl

Dominotiers offers you new perspectives! You can now choose all our made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper in a vinyl finish, in addition to our top-of-the-range non-woven finish.
The Dominotiers team searched for a long time before finding this marvel. You'll be blown away by its elegant appearance. This new finish is matt and slightly grained, reproducing the colours of Les Dominotiers decors to perfection. It has none of the shiny, plastic effect of the vinyls of yesteryear.

Why choose vinyl wallpaper?

- Vinyl wallpaper is washable. This is a major advantage for a top-of-the-range wall covering. Pen marks and stains can be wiped away with a sponge.

- Vinyl wallpaper is stain and impact resistant. It is thicker than a non-woven finish with its PVC coating, so it can withstand the wear and tear of time and everyday life. In areas open to the public, such as hotels, restaurants and crèches, professionals choose a vinyl finish because it will be damaged less quickly than a traditional non-woven finish.

- Vinyl wallpaper is waterproof, so you can hang panoramic wallpaper in bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens without worrying about damaging it with the surrounding humidity or a jet of water. This is made possible by the PVC coating that protects it from water.

- Our vinyl wallpaper is flame retardant: this means it has maximum fire resistance for wall decoration. Another advantage for professional areas open to the public.

Characteristics of our panoramic wallpaper vinyl finish:

- Weight: 350 gm / m2
- Width of strips: 65 cm
- Fire classification: M1 = Bs1dO = flame retardant
- Inks used: water-based inks composed of 70% water.
- Made in France printing
- Price : €95 incl. VAT / m2 -
Recommended glue : QUELYD type for vinyl wallpaper.

Don't hesitate to order one or more samples of our vinyl finish directly from our website, to discover its incredible rendering and premium quality.

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