MORIS: trip off the beaten tracks of Mauritius

19 bespoke panoramic wallpapers and 2 trompe-l'oeil bases for a unique view of Mauritius.
par Agathe Descamps, le 2021-12-14
MORIS: trip off the beaten tracks of Mauritius
MORIS: trip off the beaten tracks of Mauritius

With its new collection of panoramic wallpapers, Moris, the Creole name of Mauritius, Les Dominotiers takes you on a unique journey to the heart of this cultural and natural jewel, far from the common “clichés” that characterize this territory whose beauty goes far beyond idyllic white sand beaches.

Zoé Crait, Head of the Les Dominotiers Design Studio, wanted above all to transcribe in this opus the diversity of Mauritius, with its multiple influences. A land of contrasts, Mauritius offers a wide variety of landscapes between mysterious and mystical mountains, bustling cities, flowery and exotic or wilder regions, and of course the seaside.

We take you to meet its history, its tropical flora and fauna in bright or bewitching colours.

Wallpapers that retrace the history of Mauritius

Moris’ 19 bespoke panoramic wallpapers each reveal a facet of one of the most famous islands of the Indian Ocean : a superb lost paradise with a dodo and giant tortoises, GOODLANDS, which reflects the island before the arrival of man, Dutch historical maps, enliven the backgrounds of the HERITAGE and BEL AIR bespoke wall murals, when the ISLE DE FRANCE panoramic wallpaper evokes the heavenly setting of the famous novel Paul et Virginie.

The PORLWI wall mural, entirely drawn in coloured pencil, is a tribute to the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. Soft and delicate, it reminds us that Mauritius is a real architectural and cultural melting pot. MALCY, a superb botanical print, is an homage to the Mauritian artist Malcy de Chazal, one of the world pioneers in the making of botanical prints. 

Birds and vegetation in all their splendour

The superb flora and fauna of this small island of the Indian Ocean obviously inspired our Design Studio and in particular the birds that can be found in the BIRDS ISLAND wall mural, painted in watercolour, and in the CASELA BIRDS wallpaper. The monkeys, very present in Mauritius, are the stars of ZAKO, in a landscape mixing jungle and mountains. In a more contemporary spirit, Rainbow Leaves offers the vegetation of the island in XXL format, while NEW GROVE (available in gold and grey), is a real plant bouquet in the Art Deco style. PALM STREET, with its palm trees enhanced with black outlines as if they had been spray painted on a brick wall, is a nod to the Street Art that is developing throughout Mauritius.

Trompe-l'oeil moulding and canework bases for even more character on your walls

With Moris, Les Dominotiers innovates by offering two trompe-l'oeil bases representing a Haussmannian moulding and a canework that can be associated with all of its panoramic wall murals and wallpapers.

Discover the 19 bespoke panoramic wall murals of the MORIS collection


Goodlands - Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure animaux et végétation  - Les Dominotiers

Isle de France

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure tropical - Isle de France - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Isle de France Grisaille

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure tropical - Isle de France Grisaille - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers


Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure Heritage - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Bel Air

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure Carte Ancienne -  Bel Air - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers


Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure ville Port Louis - Porlwi - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

New Grove Gold

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure vegetation XXL dorée - New Grove Gold - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

New Grove Grey

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure vegetation XXL gris - New Grove Grey- Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers


Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure vegetation XXL - Planche botanique - Malcy - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Le Morne

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure tropical - plage paradisiaque et montagne - Malcy - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Ebony Forest

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Forêt - Gravure ancienne - Ebony Forest - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Mont Rempart

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Paysage de montagne et canne à sucre - Mont Rempart - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Rose Hill

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Cactus et soubassement en cannage - Rose Hill - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Rainbow Leaves

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Végétation multicolore - Rainbow Leaves - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Palm Street

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Palmiers et murs de briques - Palm Street  - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers


Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Esprit cabinet de curiosité avec des coraux sur des planches botaniques - Riambel  - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Casela Birds

Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Oiseaux et palmiers  - Casela Birds  - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers


Papier peint panoramique sur-mesure - Jungle, montagne et singes  - Zako  - Collection Moris - Les Dominotiers

Birds Island

Discover our trompe-l'oeil bases: Haussmannian moulding & canework

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