A Haussmann apartment on the theme of nature

This 160 square meters apartment located in Lyon has been decorated by the Agency DMB Design Intérieur.
par Agathe Descamps, le 2019-12-10
A Haussmann apartment on the theme of nature
A Haussmann apartment on the theme of nature

Home tour - A Haussmann flat in Lyon decorated with tropical wallpapers

Direction the 4th arrondissement of Lyon, near the banks of the Rhône, to visit a large 160 square meters Haussmann apartment inhabited by a couple and their three young children. Following the purchase of her home, which had remained in its original state, the family, who lived abroad, chose to use the services of interior designer Delphine Michel-Bouchard, founder of DMB Interior Design, to give back to this apartment an identity that corresponded to them through a turnkey solution.

“Interior designer, an obvious choice"

Delphine Michel-Bouchard, who studied interior design at the Créapole school, first worked for five years in two architectural agencies: a real estate development agency for which she designed plans, then for Dragon Rouge Archi, a commercial architecture agency. “Becoming an interior designer has always been a matter of course", she says.

When she moved to Lyon in 2009, Delphine Michel Bouchard decided to create her own interior design agency, while continuing to work for commercial architecture agencies for which she designed the layout of boutiques, restaurants and supermarkets.

It also carries out numerous projects at private homes via DMB Interior Design. What he likes about his job:”creating, researching, juggling trends and customer tastes and following projects";. The interior designer works very regularly with two trusted companies, and occasionally calls on craftsmen for specific requests.

A classic and contemporary apartment on the theme of nature

For the apartment we are visiting with Delphine Michel Bouchard, which covers an area of 160 square metres, the owners wanted a neutral and elegant decoration on the theme of nature, with contemporary touches. They also wanted to redesign the apartment by putting an open kitchen in the living room and creating a master suite with a bathroom. “The aim was to highlight the characteristics of the old by bringing modernity to it,"; explains the interior designer.

A living room with an alcove that serves as a dining room

The owners wanted a kitchen that would open onto the living room. The walls were therefore broken to create a large space. In the living room, the main work was to highlight the beauty of the mouldings and the fireplace, so they were painted in a bluish grey that is the main theme of the living room, kitchen and alcove area. On the ceiling of the living room, the cane suspension of Market Set. The owner's choice was to have a celadon blue kitchen, so the walls of the living room were painted white to harmonise the two spaces.

Living room in a Haussmann flat in Lyon © DMB Design Intérieur

Blue kitchen in a Haussmann flat in Lyon © DMB Design Intérieur

The large alcove, a particular feature of the apartment, was a lost space. Delphine Michel Bouchard thus proposed to make it a real functional room, in this case a dining room. The table is therefore in the alcove and makes it possible to have a very large living room.

To give this space a real presence, Delphine Michel Bouchard decided to lay down a wallpaper:"I didn't want a repetitive motif to compact the space, but a panoramic decoration that ended in white to air the wall. This one being very high, 3. 50 meters, the Aloes des Dominotiers decoration and its large tropical trees all in height quickly imposed itself on us. We chose it in its grey and not blue colour to avoid a false note between the different blues of this space". Open suspension La Redoute Intérieur.

An alcove as a dining room in a Haussmann flat decorated with the tropical wallpaper Aloes by Les Dominotiers © DMB Design Intérieur

The tropical panoramic wallpaper Aloes Grey by Les Dominotiers © DMB Design Intérieur

Tropical wall mural Aloes Grey in a Haussmann flat © DMB Design Intérieur

A sober parental room decorated with a jungle wallpaper

The parental suite was created in place of the old kitchen. To give it character, the Dominotier's Wild Story panoramic wallpaper, the owner's favourite, was placed at the head of the bed. Soft and strong at the same time, this wallpaper gives the room a tropical jungle atmosphere with a lightness."We couldn't put this wallpaper all over the wall. Indeed, the room being in the place of the old kitchen, there are many pipes. So we opted for a wallpaper at the head of the bed, a more graphic solution with a real bias", says Delphine Michel Bouchard.

Bedroom decorated with a jungle wallpaper Wild Story by Les Dominotiers © DMB Design Intérieur

The jungle wallpaper Wild Story as a bed headbord in a room © DMB Design Intérieur

The bathroom in the master suite has been tiled in the spirit of the metro, for a classic chic and simple atmosphere at the same time.

A bathroom decorated with subway tiles © DMB Design Intérieur

A welcoming guest room with a tropical wallpaper

The unexpected can sometimes be a source of great surprises. The panoramic Aloe decoration of the alcove was originally intended to be placed inside the alcove arch, but for practical reasons the project was abandoned. Part of this exotic decor therefore acts as a headboard in the guest room.

Bedroom decorated with the tropical wall mural Aloes Grey by Les Dominotiers © DMB Design Intérieur

A tropical panoramic wallpaper as a bed headboard. Here Aloes Grey by Les Dominotiers © DMB Design Intérieur
DMB Design Intérieur
Delphine Michel Bouchard
21 rue Mail, 69004 Lyon

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