A 350 m2 Parisian private mansion renovated by AXIOME Interior Design

A wonderful contemporary private mansion.
par Agathe Descamps, le 2021-05-19
A 350 m2 Parisian private mansion renovated by AXIOME Interior Design
A 350 m2 Parisian private mansion renovated by AXIOME Interior Design

Between tradition and modernity, we take you to discover a magnificent private mansion of 350 square metres located in the 17th district of Paris.

This property has been entirely revisited by Anne-Valérie Audibert, founder of the agency AXIOME Interior Design in collaboration with the agency La Petite Étoile de Véronique Cotrel. Both interior design agencies have given it all its splendour with three priorities : fluidity of spaces, light and the alliance of the traditional and the contemporary.

The challenge was fully successful. Indeed, this wonderful house dating from 1895 had been particularly badly treated by a succession of owners for twenty years, after a wonderful renovation realised in 2001 by a duo of architects. They transformed the building which had been divided in several flats into a single property, just as its beginning. Anne-Valérie Audibert’s work has thus given back all its beauty to this five-storey house by rethinking the decoration of all the rooms.

An entrance that sets the tone

A contemporary, soft entrance that invites you to discover the other rooms and sets the tone of the private mansion : luxury, sobriety and a classic-chic decoration with a contemporary note. The entrance offers immediately a perspective on the living room and the interior garden. On the wall, Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon painting and a panoramic wall mural by Ananbô.

The large living room: functional and contemporary

In the large living room overlooking the inner garden, the paintings have been redone with Farrow and Ball’s Strong White colour. The parquet has also been sanded and glazed to give it a clearer and more natural hue. The original staircase has been completely sanded and repainted to give it back all its nobility.


In the small living room, bring out the beauty of the windows and the ceiling height

Sometimes, it doesn’t take too much to sublimate the assets of a room, here, the beautiful Art Deco style windows, the mouldings and the ceiling height of 3.30 meters. Anne-Valérie Audibert chose to play on a duo of colours to highlight the architecture of the place. A bright grey, Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball, combined with All White by Farrow & Ball to highlight the frames and mouldings.

The dining room: a radical transformation

In the dining room overlooking the inner garden, Anne-Valérie Audibert wanted to accentuate the openness to nature. The room, which was very dark with black flooring, paintings and wallpaper, has regained a great light, especially with our bespoke panoramic wallpaper Metrozoo. “I chose this wallpaper in agreement with my clients because we wanted something bright. We also reversed the sense of the wall mural so that the animals would go out. ” A laminate floor has replaced the black floor tiles and the window sill painted in black. The concrete steps have been preserved and cleaned. ”The idea was to echo the concrete staircase in the inner garden”, explains Anne-Valerie Audibert.


The kitchen: adjustments that change everything

The kitchen has been opened to the dining room. It has just been refreshed with a white quartz kitchen worktop and a glass backboard. With these two changes and the opening, the cupboard doors have become brighter, without changing colour !


On the first floor , two children’s bedrooms with a bathroom have been refurbished. The second floor contains one of the most beautiful rooms of the private mansion, the studio and its splendid glass wall, as well as the bedroom of the eldest child of the family, a teenager

A studio with its glass wall as a family room

Anne-Valérie Audibert immediately fell in love with this room, which is obviously one of the most beautiful assets of the private mansion with its very large glass wall overlooking the street.

The idea was to create a family room, so we installed a living room and a table. Everyone thus can do what they want while being surrounded by their loved ones”, clarifies the interior designer. But there was a lot of work to restore the room and make it contemporary.

In order to create a sober atmosphere in this large and bright room, Anne-Valérie Audibert chose to paint the walls in white (Strong White by Farrow and Ball), and she decorated the two alcoves’ interior with a vegetal wall mural (Ananbô).

A very contemporary staircase brings the finishing touch to this modern room with a certain character. The wall that ran along the previous staircase has been completely removed. This creates even more space and allows the master bedroom, whose window overlooks the top of the studio, to benefit from the light of this large room.

A sweet and sleek teenager’s room

In this room of 20 square metres, our bespoke wall mural Botanical Garden, which defines the night area, is the centerpiece of the decoration.

Functional bathrooms for children

In each bedroom of the three children, Anne-Valérie Audibert has designed identical bathrooms. The ceilings being very high, the architect's idea was to paint the top of the walls in a dark colour to rebalance the space. She chose Oval Blue Room by Farrow and Ball. On the left, the new bathrooms. On the right, the previous ones.

A classic and functional parental suite

In this room, the window overlooks the studio we discovered above, only a partial renovation has been carried out.

The patio, an oasis on all floors of the house

For the interior garden and its terraces, The landscaper Didier Danet created a lush Japanese garden.

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Agathe Tissier

Anne-Valérie Audibert & AXIOME Interior Design : from trader to interior designer

Anne-Valérie Audibert had a clear path. Although she has been passionate about decoration and architecture since her teenage years, she followed the path her parents wanted. She enrolled in a business school and then worked in finance as a trader.

But in 2012, now mother of two children, Anne-Valérie Audibert took advantage of a social plan and decided to learn the job she had always dreamed of : interior designer. She then followed the training of Interior Architect and Space Design at the prestigious Boulle school in 2013, then she did an internship in the agency Véronique Cotrel, a reference in Parisian interior design.

Anne-Valérie Audibert quickly founded her own agency in 2014 and worked for two years in collaboration with the Agency Nooor Architecture Home Office. To cope with an increasing number of projects, the interior architect decided to take the leap alone for both private individuals and professionals, in particular for a nurseries’ company for which she designed twenty structures.

In 2018, the Véronique Cotrel agency contacted her to launch a new agency, La Petite Etoile, dedicated to project design. It was a great success for the agency Véronique Cotrel and Anne-Valérie Audibert. After having trained the teams and developed the structure, she decided at the end of 2020 to devote herself to complete projects including both the architectural design and the construction site monitoring.

Presently, she carries out projects from A to Z alone, and sometimes in collaboration. “A partnership on a project is very rewarding, it allows you to combine complementary visions”, she adds.

What does she like about her job?  “I like to restructure volumes and have a plan that is coherent with my clients’ life. You can take the same flat with two different families, the final plan won’t be the same at all. I particularly like the architectural part. I also like the relationship with the clients. I never accept a project until I have visited the property and met the clients : the human dimension is essential in this job, it is at the heart of our business and the relationship we create with the clients is crucial for the success of the project.

AXIOME Interior Design

Anne-Valérie Audibert

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