Les amours de Lindou et l'aurore boréale


Greenish blue non-woven panoramic wallpaper representing the Milky Way and its stars. Please add 5–10 cm / 2–3 inches to the width and the height.

IMPORTANT : Slight colour variations may occur between your screen and the print of your bespoke wallpaper. We advise you to order a sample to be sure of your choice.

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58,33€ / m2
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The panoramic wallpaper “Les Amours de Lindou et l’Aurore Boréale” takes us into the Milky Way with its  twinkling stars and birds that savour their freedom in the celestial vastness. This painted gouache drawing has an impressive depth and material effect, almost marbled. It brings us to a sky more majestic and magical than ever. Bewitching and soothing, this blue wallpaper is set with a few golden touches. It would be perfect for a child's room, a playroom or a master bedroom. Les amours de Lindou et de l’aurore boréale also exists in lovat green.

The Estonian legend of Lindu, queen of birds, evokes the birth of the Milky Way. The daughter of the king of the Skies, Lindu, was courted by several gods : the god of the Moon and the god of the Sun, whom she considered too predictable because they always followed the same trajectories, or the god of the North Star, too home-loving, still at the same place ! She fell in love with the god of the aurora boreali. He was handsome but fickle, and he could not stand the light of day. He proposed and promised to return for their wedding. Lindu waited for a long time in her wedding dress. Her father, seeing her sadness, asked the Winds to bring her back to the sky. While she was flying, Lindu's wedding veil frayed and the threads became millions of sparkling stars, creating the Milky Way. It is said that from the sky, Lindu continues to watch over the birds....

Technical specificities

Wall paper type Non-woven
Type Bespoke panoramic wall mural
Paste Paste for non-woven wallpaper
Hanging wallpaper Paste on the wall
Origin France
Delivered in Roll
Strip width

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